About Us

Gym Concept specialise in outfitting small to medium size gyms like school, condo, office and boutique gyms. With our years of experience in the fitness industry, we are able to source and handpick the most suitable equipment for every needs.


We understand that budget is always the main concern for these gyms, thus we focus on selecting equipment of good quality, but does not come with a hefty price tag. Combine with our proven track records for good after-sales services, we are able to provide an assurance to our customers that their gyms will continue to run smoothly for years to come.


Gym Concept, being a sister company of HomeGym.sg, and coming from the same management team, strive to maintain the high level of service standard that HomeGym.sg has provided for the past 9 years. 


We believe honesty is one of the most important factor in running a business, thus we always try to provide our most honest opinion and being transparent in every aspect, from consultation and planning, to providing a quote. For example, if we feel that our equipment is not suitable for a particular usage, we will advise against and recommend other companies which are able to fulfill the needs.

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